We are committed to bringing about positive change in the world. We recognize this effort will take innovation, commitment, and a focus on understanding the communities in which we do business. It also means integrating our values in the products and services we bring to market, the way we bring those to life, and how we treat our employees, customers and the communities that surround us. We're working to build a future that includes everyone and inspires us all to make a positive impact, together.


Since inception, our mission has been to advance the benefits of sustainable air mobility. We're dedicated to creating an aircraft and an urban air mobility ecosystem that will help propel the world towards a zero-emissions future. We plan to improve the environment of the communities in which we operate in a number of ways, including by working to ensure that: we responsibly source and manufacture our aircraft, our aircraft emit zero emissions during operations, we use renewable energy at all Archer operated vertiports, we responsibly dispose of, and look to recycle, the batteries used in our aircraft, and we minimize the noise produced by our aircraft. In all of our work ahead, we're planning to partner closely with the governmental authorities and communities in which we operate to make sure our environmental efforts are aligned.


At Archer, we recognize that together we can accomplish more than we can on our own. Working collaboratively, whether it's across our employee base, with governmental authorities or the communities in which we plan to operate is critical for us to deliver on our mission. The complexity of our product and planned urban air mobility ecosystems demand that we bring together a wide range of skill sets and backgrounds. Therefore, we work to put people first - by designing an aircraft and ecosystem that will be accessible to the masses, creating an inclusive and diverse work environment, and respecting the human rights of everyone in the communities in which we do business. And, as a company that is building aircraft, safety is always first. We are dedicated to ensuring we are a force for positive change in the lives of our employees, future passengers, and the communities in which we will operate. We will grow together, achieve together and celebrate together.


We are long-term, mission-driven thinkers with an entrepreneurial spirit. We are not afraid to be bold, think creatively, and overcome obstacles. Throughout, our aim is to embed transparency and accountability at every level of our company. Our Board and governance structure helps foster principled actions, informed and effective decision-making, and appropriate monitoring of our compliance and performance.

Our ESG efforts will continue to be centered around the core values that are foundational to the company we are building:

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Optimism
  • Results
  • Safety
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